That Which Invalidates the Salah and the Disliked Actions Within It.

That which invalidates Salaah

[123] The Salaahis rendered invalid :

1. By the non-performance of any of its pillars or pre-conditions, whilst a person is able to perform them, irrelevant of whether this is done intentionally, in forgetfulness, or in ignorance.

2. By intentionally leaving an obligatory act of the Salah, or by,

3. Intentionally speaking during the Salah.

4. Loud laughter or what custom would consider laughter,

5. Excessive and continuous unnecessary movement.( salah breaks due to movement that is: excessive, continuous, and movement for no apparent reason)

6. Eating and drinking – break salah.

This is because, in the former case, there is an omission of an integral part of the Salah, without which it will be incomplete, and in the latter cases; because of doing that which is forbidden.

[124] That which is disliked during Salaah:

It is disliked in the Salaah that the person

[1] Turns – iltifaat (his/her body), asthe Prophet (s) was asked about turning in Salah, and he replied: “Itis what Satan steals from the prayer of the slave.” [al-Bukhari].

Two types – complete turning (back face qibla – make your salaah void )  or incomplete turning – this is disliked- and does not invalidate one salaah

[2] Fidgeting – doing that which has no need nor benefit,

[3] Placing the hands on the hips,

[4] Interlacing the fingers,

[5] Cracking of the knuckles,

[6] Sitting in a manner like a dog does, placing your forearms on ground, feet outwards in upright angle.  The author mentions this face here to point out our Shairah takes pride the acitivities of human are not similar to actions and habits of animals.

[7] Facing something that would distractone’s attention, Our shariah takes pride in ensuring the person who observes the Salaah does not have any factors that distrub the complete concentration and disturbs the confidentatliy between the person rendering the Salaah and Allah.

[8] Engaging the heart in other matters. – factors make your heart busy with the affairs of duniyah etc…

Belivers must do things to overcome this

  • · Purify your intention (apparent in your heart what you are doing)
  • · Understand that you are actually speaking with Allah
  • · Contemplate and ponder on what is recited and invocations said.
  • · Stay away from things that which distract your heart during Salaah.
  • · Seek protection in Allah from distraction at all times.

This engagement may be in fighting the urge to answer the call of nature, or due to the presence of served food. In this regard, the Prophet (s) said: “Nobody should pray when food is served nor when one needs to answer the call of nature.” [Muslim]

  • ·One should answer the call of nature (if  one needs to) and eat the food (when food is served and you have a desire to eat it) before the salah, or else your heart will be preoccupied with these thoughts.

NOTE: Presence of  these disliked things in your salah does not invalidate your salah. Your salah is sahih  and valid hence not required to repeat it.

Source: Taken from Course-Lecture4: by Shaikh Saad ibn Naasir Al Shithry, a former member of the Senior Scholars’ Council of Saudia Arabia and the Vice-President of KIU based on the book ’Manhaj As Salikin’ (The Methodology of the Traveller and a Clarification of Fiqh of  the Religion) by  Shaikh Abdur -Rahman As-Sa’di.

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