The Creed of the Pious Predecessors

Extracted from the book ASL-AL SUNNAH WA I’TIQAD AL-DEEN by Imams Abu Hatim Al Razi and Abu Zur’ah Al Razi  

  1. Iman (Faith) is statement and action; it increases and decreases.


  1. The Quran is the speech of Allah; it is not created in any of its modalities (whether it is recited by the tongue; memorized by the heart or put into writing).


  1. Qadr (Fate and pre-destination), the good and bad of it, is from Allah


  1. The best (person) in this Ummah after its Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) is Abu Bakr as Siddiq, then Umar Al-Khattab, then Uthman Ibn Affan, then Ali ibn Abi Talib (May Allah be pleased with them all) and they are the rightly guided and directed caliphs.


  1. The ten whom the Messenger of Allah named and bore witness for them (that they would enter) al-Jannah are the best of the companions according to what he (the Prophet peace be upon him) testified to, and his statement is the truth.


  1. To seek Allah’s mercy for all the companions of Muhammad peace be upon him and his family, and to refrain from (discussing) the differences that occurred between them.


  1. Allah is above His ‘Arsh (throne) , separate from His creation, just as He has described Himself in His Book and upon the tongue of His Messenger (Peace be upon him) without describing how; He encompasses all things with knowledge; and “there is nothing similar to Him whatsoever, and He is the One Who bears all and sees all.”


  1. Allah, the Blessed and the Most High, will be seen in the Hereafter, and the people of Jannah will see Him with their eyes; they will hear His Speech however He wishes, and according to what He wishes.


  1. Al-Jannah and the Fire are true; they are both creations; neither will ever perish; Al- Jannah is a reward for [Allah’s] Awliya and the Fire is a punishment for the people of sins, except for whom He has mercy on.


  1. The Sirat (overpass on the hellfire which leads to Jannah) is true.


  1. The Scales (Kiffatan), which has two plates in which the good and bad actions of the slaves will be weighed, is true.


  1. The Hawd(lake) , which our Prophet (Peace be upon him) has been honoured with, is true.


  1. The Shafa’ah (intercession) is true.


  1. That the people from Ahl Al Tawhid will be removed from the Fire by way of intercession is true.


  1. The punishment of the grave is true.


  1. Munkar and Nakir are true.


  1. The Kiram Al Katibun are true.


  1. The Resurrection after death is true.


  1. The perpetrators of major sins are under the will of Allah.


  1. We do not make takfir of the people of Qiblah due to their sins, and we entrust their secrets to Allah.


  1. We uphold the obligation of Jihad and Hajj with the leaders of the Muslims in every time and age.


  1. We do not view Al-Khuruj (revolting) against the leaders as lawful, nor that we fight in times of fitnah.


  1. We listen to and obey whomsoever (Allah) appoints (over our affair), and we do not remove the hand from obedience.


  1. We follow the Sunnah and the Jama’ah, and we avoid deviation, differing and splitting.


  1. Jihad continues to take place from the time of Allah sent His Prophet (peace be upon him) till the establishment of the Hour, with the head of affairs from the leaders of the Muslims; nothing abolishes it.


  1. Hajj is likewise


  1. The payment of Sadaqat from livestock (is to be made) to the head of affairs from the leaders of the Muslims.


  1. And the people are the believers in regards to their Judgements and inheritance, and no one knows what their true condition and reality is with Allah.


  1. Whoever said that he is a true believer then he is an innovator; and whoever said that he is a believer according to Allah, then he is from the liars; and whomsoever said: “Indeed I am a believer in Allah” then he is correct.


  1. The Murji’ah are misguided innovators.


  1. Whomsoever from them rejects that Allah knows what was to be, before it was, then he is disbeliever.


  1. The Jahmiyyah are disbelievers.


  1. The Rafidah have rejected Islam.


  1. The Khawarij are dissenters (murraq).


  1. Whosoever claims that Quran is created, then he is a disbeliever, having committed a disbelief which removes him from the religion; whosoever doubts in his disbelief from those who understand the issue, then he is too like a disbeliever.


  1. Whoever has doubts regarding the Speech of Allah and does not take a position regarding it, saying out of doubt: “I do not know whether it is created or not created”, then he is a jahmi (a follower of the heretic Jahm ibn Safwan).


  1. Whoever does not take a position regarding the Quran out of ignorance, he is to be taught or labelled with having committed an innovation and he is not made takfir upon.


  1. Whoever says: “My articulation of the Quran is created” or “ The Quran as articulated by me is created”, then he is a jahmi.


  1. The sign of the people of innovation is defaming the people of narration (Ahl al-Athar).


  1. The sign of the heretics is their labeling the people of narration as “hashwiyyah” (useless), desiring by that to invalidate the narrations.


  1. The sign of the Jahmiyyah is their labelling Ahl al-Sunnah: “mushabbihah” (anthropomorphist).


  1. The sign of Qadariyyah is their labelling Ahl al-Sunnah: “mujabbirah” (those who deny free will).


  1. The sign of the Murji’ah is their labelling Ahl al-Sunnah: “mukhalifah” (those who disagree) and “nuqsaniyyah” (depreciators).


  1. The affair of extreme fanaticism among the deviant groups will continue yet Ahl al-Sunnah are not attached to except one name, and it is inconceivable that they would unite under all these names.